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Murder Mart

by Zinskē

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Rented skeleton, motel medicine it's a cheapskate way to operate anatomy to automate new skin, quickening walking blood machines mattress barricades psychic chi thieves think you'd get away without payment? yeah, they got a way of persuading new air circulates inside your veins it's a quick fix a sedative a small pill answers could you explain or demonstrate how to feel all of me? losing a name jettison belongings disintegrate into dust drift away, silent
Keno 03:57
Escaped west texas station wagon once played waitress in a foreign film Self-made methhead rents a trailer tight with the pit boss and can tap the cameras wears real cool clothes came straight for tokyo headset mental a briefcase, cashflow no phones one final plan last one we'll move silent Remember when I said we'll rule palm springs you've been helpful useful partner trusted audience automatic
Freon Dumb 03:53
Defused the bomb you set on mom's lawn police see the red bridge you set on fire stumbling high walking your bike down the turnpike get up on freon dumb chased your friend with a big steak knife your dad's terrified get up on freon on should never cross the nitrous mafia can't run away couldn't explain cause they'd break both arms heard the DA about to indict with two black eyes get up on freon dumb you hit a family on I-95 they're all paralyzed get up on freon dumb freon dumb (repeats) shoulda came home well-dressed, handsome you'll fade away numb you'll fade away alone
Look at the time. Outta my way. I'm late for Horseface Josey. She's probably outside, folding laundry. Estranged from her family. But she still kicks karate. Sundays she sings Pavarotti. Up late at night, gathering your loose ends in piles. Yeah you brought sweetness and light, but you never smiled. The whole thing, such a sin. Hypothesize all of the ways to change and reanimate. Hare Krisha, retreat upstate, baptize the neighborhood strays. Read your last rights, lotus on your TV, enshrined. Shrugged all your Catholic pride. They say you sense when it's your time But we'll be ok. We'll just pray for Horseface Josey. And I beg, and plead all your faithful devotees could take away all the pain and set down. White light and lace a levitation. Just a bag of blood, on a skeleton. We all decompose in the same ground. And when we reach old age, reminisce frequently. Drive out to see your grave. Recite your blessing.
Honeycreeper 03:16
Principal killed himself and there's a vigil in town about 10 never believed her cheerleader theater they'll have to after thought he was a good clean man never been all that you wait until graduation played wide receiver team honeycreeper I, felt him pickpocket I, fell in summer shut in devising a plan with caution blood on your sneaker crushed in the bleachers I, saw him get violent I, fell in And feel that again (repeats) I feel that again I could feel that again I feel bad again And feel bad again wanna feel bad again?
Ghost Dad 03:13
Who wants to be a dad? go to work all day and eat crap and come home and get yelled at rather spend my time at the track mess around with my shit out back who needs another lifeform? haunting in your scaffold astral spirits in your basement sent a message I once was a dad I drove to work each day and ate crap then I died of a heart attack you can find my corpse out back but my soul's playin' catch who needs another lifeform? I'd build you a scaffold I could raise your kids ecto-plasmic well things went bad Made a good ghost dad all dressed in red scaring the neighborhood kids human my lifeform I'd build you a scaffold a loving apparition who needs a lifeform
Ortolan Sung 03:05
Bureaucrats in basement devising plans followed the ortolan up the stairs hats off to the waitstaff and the chef prepared the maincourse laced with rat poison look away they're sickening president just vomited on the best man photographs and film of the decadence protected by clad-iron waivers now they're all strung out laughing on the ground security's all waiting open-mouthed jumped on the senator when he pissed himself minister just raided top-shelf harassed the caterer and the bride's locked out look away they're sickening we celebrate the treacherous at their final hour here's to the great and prestigious fairly elected guides and saviors but should you need a favor reach out we'll try never betray top percentile
Mode Fatigue 05:45
Breathe out gently I swear they'd comfort me spoil empty suffer from mode fatigue cache cruelty waiting for me on adult halloween ennui trending we'll guarantee esteem frenzy
Power Con 03:01
Give me my peace I played my part status money I need payment head fiend is a blood sucker last seen in Indio with get-rich quick schemes and sick game shows It's a dead-end scam heard you got an opening? still laughing when they're shaking your hand horse head sleeping inside your bed and nightmare pipe dreams invading infiltrated the corporate structure blackmailed the CEO eat shit cronies skid row-quo it's just business and everyone's an open hand still laughing when they're shaking your hand again telephonic lens and NDAs reconsider when you power con me
Up late in your circuitry mishandled your alchemy red blue green can't remember last new year's eve except your morning TV and my Stanley Kubrick dream static vision transmitter projects a pixel scan of your head I heard you laughin broadcast some lost station thought I could find you on NBC checked the signal in between you always loved lucy followed a phantom frequency and hope to find away through the cable but you invade my set just then I turn to Channel 10 drinkin' with Sam and Diane our friends up 3 am light pulse sends new wavelength carrier chrominance interlaced in your TV land it's good to see you again my TV friend been working to plan a cast reunion I scheduled repairs with my cable man love UFH but you're made in japan My TV Friend (repeats)


Zinské's first full-length album, “Murder Mart,” is a blend of 90s alt and indie rock-influenced songs that hinges on the individual’s struggle to cultivate humanity despite the psychic detriment demanded by an indifferent socio-economic system.

The 10-track album traverses the nexus of psychic possession, religious dogma, and existential disintegration while drawing on deeply personal yet universal experiences of the westernized condition, including depersonalization (“Disappearing in Yucca Valley”), spiritual oppression (“Horseface Josey”), social injustice and oligarchic fetishism (“Power Con,” “Ortolan Sung”), false promises proffered by media (“TV Guide to the Spirit World,” “Mode Fatigue”), institutionalized rape (“Honeycreeper”) and the macabre underbelly of a suburban upbringing (“Freon Dumb”).

Recorded between 2018-2019 in various studios in the Philadelphia area, “Murder Mart” was engineered by drummer Derek Salazar with assistance from Craig Hendrix (Japanese Breakfast) and mixed by Jeff Ziegler (The War on Drugs, Kurt Vile).


released February 14, 2022

All songs written by Chris Lipczynski and Zinskē

Vocals, Guitar: Chris Lipczynski
Lead Guitar: Kevin O’Halloran
Bass: Emily Cahill
Drums: Derek Salazar

Cover Art: Noah Landers

Recorded at Gradwell House Recording, Headroom Studios
Engineered by: Derek Salazar, Gradwell House Recording, Headroom Studios
Vocal Production/Engineering by Craig Hendrix

Mixed by Jeff Ziegler
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe


all rights reserved



Zinskē Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Chris, Derek, Emily and Kevin.

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